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Oz Showroom, a revered destination for over a decade, specializing in online car buying and luxury goods, required a digital platform that truly mirrored their commitment to quality, convenience, and customer satisfaction. To achieve this, I crafted a unique luxury-focused design that seamlessly allows the purchase of any new make and model, along with an impressive selection of luxury pre-owned vehicles and fine jewelry, all from the comfort of one’s screen.

The core of this project was a custom-designed website with a strong focus on showcasing Oz Showroom’s luxury vehicles and goods. Sophisticated scroll animations were integrated to enhance the browsing experience, adding an extra layer of interactivity and engagement while users explore the website’s offerings.

A filterable vehicle inventory was incorporated, providing a seamless user experience for customers as they explore and narrow down their vehicle choices based on their specific preferences. This feature offers an intuitive and convenient way for customers to find the perfect vehicle that meets their discerning tastes.

A key highlight of this web development project is the custom “build your lease special” monthly payment calculator. This interactive tool simplifies the process of lease calculation, providing prospective customers with an immediate understanding of their potential monthly payment, thereby easing their purchasing decision process.

The Oz Showroom web development project perfectly illustrates the blend of my web development skills with the client’s luxurious brand image. The result is a distinct, customer-centric website that aligns seamlessly with Oz Showroom’s mission, providing a significant value-add to their business and clients. 

This project was done in collaboration with Frootful Marketing.

Project Details

Date Completed:

May 2023



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